The Candy Factory Mystery (The Boxcar Children Special, Book 18)

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But then they hear a tale about a mysterious ghost horse, and that night Benny sees a mysterious stallion galloping down the beach.

Series: The Boxcar Children Mysteries Specials

When things turn up missing, the Boxcar Children wonder who or what is wandering the dunes at night. The Aldens get a chance to test their favorite computer game, Ringmaster II, before the designers release it to the public. But when they play, they find characters in the game who are talking about people and places in Greenfield! Is someone at the computer game company trying to send them a message?

The Aldens learn that their housekeeper, Mrs. McGregor, has to sell her childhood home, the Crooked House, because she and her sister Madeline cannot afford to keep it. While visiting Mrs. McGregor, the Aldens learn about an unsolved riddle involving the house, and if they can solve it, there just might be a treasure that could save the day! The Boxcar Children are thrilled when hockey star Kevin Reynolds begins coaching a girls' hockey team in Greenfield and building a brand new skating rink nearby.

But as soon as practice begins, equipment disappears and there are unexpected problems with the new rink. Can the children solve the mystery and help their new friend before it is too late? The Aldens are visiting Grandfather's good friend, Mrs.

The Boxcar Children Mysteries Boxed Set #1-4

Wade, in a small town called Elbow Bend. The town has many ghostly legends including a favorite tale about a ghost dog that howls at midnight. One night they hear dogs howling all over Elbow Bend and the children are determined to find out if it's just a trick or a warning of danger. The Boxcar Children are at summer camp for a week of exciting activities, especially the annual camp Olympics. As soon as they arrive, everything begins to go wrong — they lose their luggage, the camp flag disappears and another team steals one of Jessie's ideas to score points for themselves.

Are some campers so desperate to win the Olympics that they are willing to cheat? The Alden children take a trip back in time when their Aunt Jane surprises them with a visit to Wagner Farmhouse, an old Victorian house that has been turned into a museum. When strange things happen at the museum, the Aldens wonder if the ghost of Horace Wagner really haunts the house or if someone is trying to destroy the museum's chances for success?

They are immediately fascinated by the tall, mysterious clock tower that overshadows the campus. When they learn that a valuable secret from the past lies hidden somewhere at the school, they think the clock tower and it's mysterious lights might hold the key to discovering it. The Boxcar Children are helping to fix up the old Bugbee Mansion and auction off it's contents, but a lot of the contents seem to be missing.

While exploring they discover hidden passageways and hear odd noises coming from the walls. Most intriguing of all is a secret staircase leading to a room that no one knew was there.

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Is there a thief lurking somewhere in the old mansion? The Aldens help to map out a new trail on Blizzard Mountain where rumors tell of buried treasure. The children are enjoying their winter adventures until supplies go missing, strange noises are heard in the woods, and a member of their group disappears!

"The Mystery of the Pirate’s Map (Boxcar Children #70)" by Gertrude Chandler Warner

It's obvious that someone is trying to chase the Aldens off the mountain. Is it a snowy ghost haunting the mountain, or is someone after the treasure? The Alden's friend Sam gets a letter full of riddles from an eccentric millionaire. The Greenfield Museum is holding a special exhibit about ancient Egypt and the main attraction is a 4,year-old mummy.

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The Aldens are helping the museum curator set up the exhibit, but ever since the mummy arrived, nothing has gone right for the museum or its workers. Has the museum been struck by a curse from the spooky sarcophagus? Now instead of digging for rocks, the Aldens are digging for clues.

Who wants to win the contest so much that they would steal from the Boxcar Children? When the Aldens visit friends in Vermont, they're in for a treat — the annual Bear Jamboree, celebrating toy bears from all over the world! The Aldens soon encounter an unbearable mystery: a very rare and valuable bear has disappeared from the toy hospital. Now it's up to the children to track down the teddy thief!

The Aldens agree to help Grandfather's friend fix up an old mansion called Skeleton Point. But they never expected what they would find on the grounds of this rundown estate. The mansion is filled with old skeletons belonging to its former owner, and townspeople have seen the skeletons walking through the house. Suddenly, the mansion's valuable statues begin to disappear and the Boxcar Children are up to their necks in another spooky mystery.

The town of Greenfield is having an art contest to celebrate the work of local artists, and the Boxcar Children are right in the middle of things. They're getting to know the artists and the gallery owner and learning all about art. But a mysterious note makes them realize that not everything about the world of art is as it seems.

Could the gallery be filled with stolen paintings or counterfeit art? The Alden children are searching for a rare comic book of their favorite superhero, Captain Fantastic. They finally find the comic and something else, too a strange note inside, "signed" by the comic's creator. The Aldens realize the note is a fake. But when they start to investigate, the mysterious note is stolen! It looks like someone wants to sabotage a superhero. The Aldens will need their super powers of investigation to catch this comic book culprit! The owner of the Greenfield Ice Cream Barn has two new partners: her granddaughter Brianna and the horse Butterscotch.

Benny is a frequent customer of the Ice Cream Wagon, which is run by Brianna with Butterscotch's help.

But somebody is trying to shut down the Ice Cream Barn. Can the Aldens find the ice cream saboteur before the Ice Cream Barn is licked? The Boxcar children are attending an Invention Convention at the home of an eccentric artist known for her whimsical, wonderful, one-of-a-kind clocks. The clocks sound loudly at every hour, especially at midnight, when the children are treated to a hilarious concert of chirping, clanging, chiming and gonging. But the clocks aren't the only noise the kids hear at midnight.

Someone or something is tapping in the night. Is this person or thing inventing trouble for the convention? When the Aldens go to dinner at a local Chinese restaurant, Benny can't wait for his favorite part of the meal dessert. He loves breaking open the delicious fortune cookies and reading the messages inside. But when Benny opens his cookie, instead of a fortune, he finds a handwritten riddle.

The Boxcar Children Special # The Candy Factory Mystery

One cookie leads to another, and the Aldens soon realize they've bitten into another mystery. Who is leaving the Aldens the mysterious cookie clues, and why? Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny are actors in a live mystery show being broadcast on an old-fashioned AM radio station. But that's not the only mystery the Boxcar children are part of it's starting to look like the radio station is haunted!

Why would a ghost want to sabotage a radio show? Can the Aldens save the radio station before its listeners are scared away? When the Aldens visit their friend Fran in Wisconsin, they can't wait to hear her tell the story of the runaway ghost. Fran's family ghost hasn't been spotted in years, but the Aldens still shiver at the spooky tale of the ghost's bell clanging after dark.