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Imagine how quickly you could work if you knew the best practices and the best tools?

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Stop wasting your time searching and have everything you need to be productive in one, well-organized place, with complete examples to get your project up without needing to resort to endless hours of research. You will learn what you need to know to work professionally with ng-book: The Complete Book on Angular 8 or get your money back. Each chapter covers a topic and we provide full code examples for every project in the book.

The first chapter opens with building your first Angular 8 App. Within the first few minutes, you'll know enough to start writing your Angular 8 app. The book is constantly updated with the latest tips and tricks of Angular. Don't worry about being out-of-date, this book covers the latest release of Angular 8: angular Learn Angular 8 best practices, such as: testing, code organization, and how to structure your app for performance.

We'll walk through practical, common examples of how to implement complete components of your applications. You'll learn core Angular 8 concepts - from how Angular works under the hood, to rich interactive components, from in-depth testing to real-world applications. When you buy ng-book, you're not buying just a book, but dozens of code examples.

Every chapter in the book comes with a complete project that uses the concepts in the chapter.

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Learn the basics of component-based architecture, rendering dynamic components, and capturing user input and turning it into interaction. Use modern data architectures such as RxJS Observables and Redux to build a chat application, built on scalable techniques. Use Angular's Router to create a multi-page application. Use advanced features for maximum control of your components.

We'll build a tab-pane, a custom repeater component, template "transclusion" and more. Build powerful forms that accept user input, and give clear messaging when the input is of an invalid format. There are lots of more mini-examples that show you how to write Components, how to use Forms, and how to use APIs. You'll have your first app running and deployed within the first chapter, and then the rest of the book dives deeper into the other areas of Angular.

Premium Package customers receive a 4-hour screencast where we walk through building large application. Grab a sample chapter and check it out for yourself. Sign up for our mailing list and get the sample chapters for free! You'll only receive email about the book and updates. We never send spam, ever and it's easy to unsubscribe. It can take up to an hour to deliver the sample chapter.

If you don't receive the sample chapter within the hour, write us and we'll send them to you directly. I have no idea where I'd be with Angular 8 without ng-book.

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Thanks again.. And written in a really thoughtful way. Can't wait for the future updates! It is extremely well written and clear. You present a concept and carefully step through it to explain the details. I couldn't be happier. The code samples with the book are great. I'm an "old Java developer" that fell in love with Angular". This is by far, the best reference on the web, period. Very concise, well structured. It has lots of great information. It is the best at describing this that I have seen. Thanks, great info. Our entire team uses your book and we really attribute our knowledge and success to your great book.

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The book has been incredibly useful. We are developing a new application for release next year and we knew that using alpha software would be a challenge - but ngBook has helped us considerably. I wanted to let you guys know I am loving the book it really helped me get my head around rxjs and how powerful observables can be!!! I haven't seen anyone do a better job. In fact, the rate at which you guys keep up to date is the best I've ever seen and I hope it's a model other authors will adopt. The fact that you keep yours up to date is very valuable. Just finished ng-book2.

I think it is the best learning material one can find about NG2 today. I've gather quite a bit of valuable information from the book so far that was not available on other web sources blogs, etc.

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  • ng-book - The Complete Book on AngularJS by Ari Lerner;

The book has been a great help as I'm divining into some of these somewhat bleeding edge tools and topics". Awesome guys. You guys are rocking. Our company-wide license provides everything in the Team package with an unlimited number of seats within your company. Nate is a full-stack developer and writes code for everything from deep-learning image recognition to mobile games for cats. He has also worked closely with CTOs on implementing Angular.

Hi, I'm Ari.

ng-book: The Complete Book on AngularJS

I'm the author of ng-book 1 and I've been teaching Angular for a long time. Carlos is the co-founder and director of Gistia Labs, a team that specializes in full stack engineering projects as well as training established development teams in Angular and Ruby on Rails. Nic Raboy is an advocate of modern web and mobile development technologies.

Nic writes about his development experiences related to making web and mobile development easier to understand. Checkout Nic's blog here. Burke enjoys JavaScript a lot because it's a giant band aid over his statically typed inadequacies. You can find him on Twitter as burkeholland. Angular 1 and Angular 8 are two different frameworks and ng-book 1 and ng-book are two different books.

We don't assume that you've used Angular 1. This book teaches Angular 8 from the ground up. Of course, if you've used Angular 1, we'll point out common ideas because there are many , but ng-book stands on its own.

Updates are free for months following purchase. We've faithfully released over 50 updates to ng-book already. The book will be updated to Angular 8. This update will be free if you've purchased within the 12 months of the update's release. The screencast video is has a complete caption track so you can read along as you watch the video. You can get it on Amazon as a separate purchase. The entire book is up to date with the latest release of Angular 8 angular If you're unhappy with the book or content, just reach out to us and we'll give you a full refund.

There's no risk.

We're committed to keeping ng-book the best resource for learning and using Angular 8. AngularJS Books. Sumit Nigam best books.

If you need to learn Angular, get this book. It's clear demonstration by example. Istvan does a great job of building up knowledge of Angular JS in very appropriate stages. The author starts with the basics and has you create a primitive diving log application and then has you progressively improving the application while connecting that back to important concepts.

It is a well written book and I'd recommend it to anyone trying to learn Angular JS.