Frog or Prince? The Smart Girls Guide to Boyfriends

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No part of this product may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means,electronic or mechanical,including photocopying,recording,or by any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the publisher. Compound Boogie 2.

Let Me SeeYou Boogaloo 3. Patelina Matalina 4. Rise and Shine 5. The Cool Bear Hunt 6. Shake a Hand 7. Mother Gooney Bird 8. Knickerbocker 9. I Had a Bird Hello Friend No part of this product may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical,including photocopying,recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the publisher.

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ArrangedbyPatrickBrenn an. Spanish Lyrics, adaptations and translations by Emilia Rivas. EnglishvocalsperformedbyRicheleBartkowiakand P atrickBrennan. Juan Manzanero 5. Lluvia, lluvia, vete ya 7. Vivan los campos 9. Estrellita de cristal La Tierra es nuestro hogar Blancas campanitas De colores Las semillas brotan 2. Mister Moon 4. Johnny Appleseed 6. Rain, Rain, Go Away 8. I Love the Mountains Down by the Bay The Weather Song Little Drop of Dew When I'm Chilly Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Winter Is Coming Earth Is Our Home Falling Leaves Song White Coral Bells America the Beautiful It's Raining Little Red House 2.

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Five Little Monkeys 3. The Gingerbread Girl 4.

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  • ~*~Frog or Prince? The Smart Girl's Guide to Boyfriends~*~ Sooke, Victoria.
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  • Modern Three Bears 5. Honey Jar 6. Twinkle, the Star 7. The Gift 8. Anansi and the Pig 9. El chivo en la huerta Campanero 3.

    Vicente en el pajar 9. Nuevos amigos Soy de Texas Juntos Mi lucecita Catalina Margarina Son tus orejas tan largas Ven mi bebito Es amor Vente mi amiga Hombros, rodillas y los pies Abre y cierra 2. Are You Sleeping? Farmer in the Dell Make New Friends Have You Been to Candyland?

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    Today Is a Birthday I'm a Texas Star Side by Side You Are My Sunshine Catalina Magnalina This Is Tiffany Do Your Ears Hang Low? Hush Little Baby Skidamarink Who Took the Cookies? Say, Say My Playmate Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Un elefante 3. Mi linda abejita 5. Cinco patitos Nadie me quiere Diez monitos Mi zancudito Tres tortugas tramposas Cinco mariquitas Caballito La feria de los animales Las mascotas de Emilia El cocaburra Los ratones bailarines One Elephant 4.

    Baby Bumblebee 6. The Insect Song 8.

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    • Itsy Bitsy Spider Five Little Ducks Nobody Likes Me Ten Little Monkeys My Pet Mosquito Three Tricky Turtles Five Little Ladybugs All Around My Yard Horsie Animal Fair Amelia's Pets The Bear Went Over the Mountain Kookaburra Three White Mice Spring Is Here New Chicken Dance DidYou Feed My Cow? Dulce, Dulce Big, Bigger, Biggest LittleTree House A Piece of String Sloobers Wiggles, Jiggles, Giggles 2.

      It Makes Me Jump 3. Your Five Senses 4. You Can Do It! WatchThem Change 6.

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      Push, Pull, Swing 7. Rock and Roll Pat-a-Cake 8. Itsy Bitsy Spider 9. Warm Up Chant Nutrition Song Allrightsreserved. Nopartofthisproductmaybereproducedorutilizedinanyform or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any inform atio n storageandretrievalsystemwithoutpermissioninwritingfromthepublisher. Frog Street Branding Song 2. My Mother is a Baker 3. My Hands on My Head 4. My Busy Garden 5.

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      Can you Move with Me? Hamburger 7. Fast Food 8. Apples and Bananas 9. Roly-Poly Caterpillar City Travel My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean Buckle Up Stars and Stripes Forever Sara Sidney Miss Mary Mack If I Had Wings Stack Up the Blocks Watermelon Pie Body Talk in Rhyme School is Fun Miss Fanny Frog My Ten Best Friends Penelope Pig Zippity Zoo La escuela es divertida Mis mejores amigos Cathy Cook Hippo Hop Katy Kangaroo Willie and Wanda Uncle Ugbee Eduardo el elefante Rosalinda la reina Rodrigo el perro Little Miss Muffet 2.

      Hey Diddle, Diddle 3. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe 4. Little Boy Blue 5. Jack and Jill 6. Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater 7. One, Two, Three, Four, Five 8. The Itsy Bitsy Spider 9.

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      La hora de las rimas Pan con mermelada A limpiar El rap de las rimas infantiles Las llantas del bus Si estamos todos juntos Pasitos Dedo pulgar El cacharrito The Alphabet Song 4. The Color Song 6. Months of the Year 8. Sing a Song of Opposites Bu-Bu-Burbujas Rhyme Time Are You Listening? Bread and Jelly Clean Up Nursery Rhyme Rap B-B-B-Bubbles What Goes Together? Old MacDonald Has a Band The Wheels on the Bus The More We Get Together Put Your Little Foot Where Is Thumbkin? Little Hunk of Tin Stop, Drop, and Roll Camino a Pre-Kinder 2.

      El cuerpo habla en rimas 3. Los sentidos 4. Es amor 5. Conocer a los abuelos 6. Casas de todos clases 7. Ayudantes del vecindario 9. Cinco enormes dinosaurios Gigantes de la naturaleza Gigantes hechos por el hombre El regalo Comidas de todo el mundo Buenos modales de la A a la Z Las decisiones consideradas de Carlitos Gorrita Roja Small Book Disk 1 of 2 Games and Patterns CD offers ready-to-print sorting mats, patterns, and cutouts to support math and literacy lessons. The Big Frog and Tadpole Bookstores stock an amazing variety of genres in both large and small books.

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